18 January 2016



Today soft stage, for the transfer of 200 km to get to the short time trial of 11 km, and then take the road to Rosario, for further 120 km along. Micro trial just ended is served to the pilots to acclimate to the ground and disperse accumulated tension. Today’s session is used to determine the ranking of the start of the first real stage of the Dakar 2016. The 136 bikes, 111 cars and 55 trucks 45 quads have beautiful view in the park closed before leaving form the podium of Tecnopolis at 11.45 a.m. So, no parade then through the streets of downtown for this year; in fact the organization decided not to parade under the podium in the Plaza de Mayo,  due to the forthcoming general elections, but they decide the starting directly from the area of the closed park. A lot of people have massed along the path that led the pilots in the short special trial. The first pilot started at 02.30 p.m.  “local time” before reaching the bivouac of Rosario. BOTTURI: “ excellent eleventh in the prologue of today, this will allow me to leave in a good position. Finally we left the tensions of the past  days, and tomorrow we will start with the real race. The bike works wonderfully and I’m really good, hope the weather stays as much as possible”.


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