VALLI XR-P MAN – Orange, Navy

BREMA style, functionality and appeal for the off-road world. Well defined technical characteristics and strong style relationship with the brand’s history. •The trousers are made of 100% PL Cordura®. It is an extremely resistant  material, but at the same time very light. The material is printed by sublimation technique to obtain the desired color and graphic effect. •It has a light resin inside the fabric that offers a good water resistance and improve its tear resistance. •The fabric used on the front and on the knees is 100% PL in sublimation printed. This material is highly resistant heat, wear and tear resistant. At the same time the stretch fabric provides a high adaptability to every kind of internal off-road protections. •The seat is in Cordura ® 500. •These materials are paired with an elastic ripstop on the front and back and in the areas where greater elasticity is needed, with even a bielastic fabric; this combination assures comfort and better fit. Mesh lined inside. •The flap is inclined, a unique aesthetic-functional quality that was already present in 1970’s Brema trousers. In addition, on the front there are perforated areas for better ventilation, highly appreciated by those who practice Enduro and Rally. •The trousers have 2 vents and 1 pocket with zipper closure on the front and are specially designed for a better fit,  that is a very important characteristic for    off-road clothes. •3 color options: Orange-Navy, Red-Navy and Navy.

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