22 April 2015



Great performance for Alex Salvini in the E2 class and for the young “Under 23” Alessandro Battig in class EJ in the GP of Chile, which was held this weekend on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 April in Talca, 250 km south of Santiago Chile. Salvini, scored two third places after closing the special prologue on Friday night with the second fastest time. He started with the aim of putting pressure right away to their opponents, Salvini in the first special cross was unfortunately dropped losing several seconds. Slipped to fifth, Salvini test after test has recovered lost ground by presenting the last extreme in second place but losing the final twist in the stony slope that has slipped to third place. Sunday the rain abundantly during the night of Saturday, have completely changed the characteristics of the tests. Salvini started again the attack, however, has lost more than thirty seconds to a fall in the mud of the first trial of a cross. Salvini was not discouraged, however, and tried to recover, to the third position.Race to be framed for Alessandro Battig in EJ. Saturday with a fourth place for a special last fall, and Sunday, constantly struggling for the first three positions, with the last special when an attack has passed first. It was an extraordinary victory because the one on Sunday in Chile Battig was the second podium of his career after the third position obtained in the Italian Grand Prix Lumezzane last year.

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