25 November 2022



At the end of 2020, we realized that our priority was the creation of a new BREMA Off-Road Sport collection, a type of product that best represents the brand DNA – taking part in  competitions since its foundation in 1969, and all its distinctive features and values. After careful analysis, the new project by BREMA has been entrusted to KISKA. The first sketches were ready in a few months, and the first selections were quickly made to start working on the final product. The name of the collection we chose was ‘VALLI’, as it means a lot in Enduro. The VALLI XR, EX is born; the VALLI XR collection encompasses all the technical  features that an  Enduro garment must have, so the seat of the trousers made in Cordura®, 100% PL Cordura® sides, tear resistant, pocket on the front, etc… and the jacket with its  typical 4  patch pockets on the front, the possibility of using the collar, detachable sleeves, etc… In short, everything needed for an Enduro jacket, trousers and jersey. The VALLI XR proposal is completed by the VALLI EX one, which is much more essential and intended for more extreme Enduro usage, but also for those who like very light products that have only what is strictly necessary. The new VALLI EX Hard jersey is made of two materials, a very light tear-resistant Cordura®, combined with the “usual” polyester of the Enduro jerseys, allowing it to have a much longer life than the most common jerseys, as we inserted the most resistant fabric in the parts subject to higher stress. First pieces will be delivered starting from January 2023.

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