The main element in the DNA of BREMA is the world of two-wheel racing, from which the brand originates. The current collections are still inspired by motorcycle: the essential and modern style of that time is adapted for the rigorous design of today.

The logo to sleeves, historical feature of Brema jacket, is reviewed, revised and re-used in each style and, even if in some cases the historical logo remains, new ones are born but always starting from the same font and positioning.In a similar way the well-known 4 pockets, distinguishing feature of the basic items of the brand, have been revised.

Thanks to technical materials and precious fabrics , as well as pure and researched lines, now as then, each garment can be worn at any time and in any place heedless of its primary use.


The company, created by Bruno Gioli in 1969, was set up following his passion for off road motorcycling and the lack of satisfactory product on the market at the time.

BREMA was the first company in the world of motorcycle racing to create an essential style and modern aesthetic.The substitution of traditional materials such as leather and oil treated cottons, permitted the realization of new items satisfying the the new technical requirements of passionate motorcyclists.Already in 1970 Brema understood the value of breathability in his fabrics: jackets were realized in a combination of cotton with polyester, therefore adding breathability to fiber resistance.

Brema also brought important evolution to the sector in protection: it was his idea to apply removable pads to the outside of the clothing, offering better fitting garments with the benefit of the protection when necessary.Moreover the insertion of elastic bands to pants and jackets favored a freedom of movement formerly unknown.Nothing was left to chance: particular attention was given to the direction of the stitching, which when done in a certain direction and tension offered added resistance. “Innovation” not only in the technical aspects, fit  and design, but also in the use of color; in a world dominated by black clothing, for Brema this was a color inexistent.

Therefore great use of red, blue, yellow, a true revolution. In 2000, Giovanni Barocci, with his desire to create motorcycle clothing, remembers the great logo on the sleeves that was characteristic of Brema and after a meeting with the original owner, acquires the brand.   In function of a market then changed, adds to the technical line, the DNA of the brand, a first  travel collection.


The creation of our Brema Archive has always been of paramount im-portant for us, since we took the brand over at the end of 1999, for two main reasons. First of all because we want to keep track of all the aesthet-ic features that have characterized our brand. It is very important for us that an article of clothing from one of our collections can be identified with our Brema brand over the years: this can only be possible if we ‘rummage’ and ‘revisit’ our corporate Archive.

Secondly because our Archive repre-sents our history : a very important heritage that shall be preserved, con-sulted and respected. In fact, a corporate Archive is a fundamental com-ponent of any brand, and it is for this very reason that we have always tried to get hold of all the original garments Brema company has been producing since its foundation. This kind of ‘research activity’ is never easy: in the first place because people usually get rid of old items of clothing; secondly be-cause if they kept them, then they are not usually willing to give them away, as they may represent victories in past races for many people, or can bring back past passions and beautiful moments to our memory.

Luckily, this re-search has been successful in some cases, allowing us to have our Brema branded iconic articles – manufactured since 1969- duly catalogued in our Archive, which we would like to share with you under this section.

We are continuously on the search of garments that would enhance our Archive; so if you have a Brema branded article of clothing dating back to the ’70s/’80s and would like to have it ‘stored’ at our premises, please send us a photo + message to our specific section or send an e-mail to: We will be more than pleased to contact all those who share our passion for Brema brand.


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