28 June 2019



The Grand Prix of Italy – 43rd Bergamo Valleys competition, the fifth round of World EnduroGP Championship, disputed on Saturday and Sunday in Rovetta (BG), had in store a bittersweet epilogue for JET-Zanardo Team. While Ruy Barbosa has conquered two splendid second places of the podium in EJ2 junior class and two fourth places in the Absolute Junior classification for just few seconds, Giacomo Redondi on Saturday had to get off the race because to him it was impossible to keep up the race, given the severe pain in the fractured rib, on the previous week in the GP of Greece. Red underwent an accurate examination by the medical staff of FMI National Team and Doctor Stefano Pazzano unfortunately pointed out the risk of the contact between the rib and the left lung. Prognosis: two-week total rest. Joe Wootton has completed a pretty difficult race by ending on eighth position and alternated good timings with special races that are less suitable for his drive style on the rocks, mule tracks and stones. So the young Chilean rider, the winner of nine special out of twenty-four races disputed, and the remaining races in the top five, upheld the honour of JET-Zanardo Team. JET-Zanardo Team will be back to races on the seventh race of the Italian Absolute Championship, planned in Crespano del Grappa (TV) on July 13th.

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