24 May 2022



18-21 May. One hundred fifty riders from 24 countries, including Serbia, took part in the Xross Rally’s four categories – Pro, Expert, Hobby, and Amateur. The event started with the riders’ parade in the center of Zlatibor and continued with the Akrapovic Straight Rhythm prologue, which was pure madness. Riders faced obstacles like huge logs, tires, concrete pipes, and containers that tested their agility properly. On the 1st off-road day, riders tackled a 100km long track that led through the wild beauty of Tara mountain, where they faced slippery rocks, super hard uphills, riverbeds, and ridges that tested the strength of riders to the maximum. One thing was clear, and the Xross is a proper extreme enduro. Off-road Day 2 took riders to another 100km ride over Mokra Gora. The day started at the beautiful movie village Mecavnik – Drvengrad, a.k.a. Kustendorf, built by the famous Serbian movie director Emir Kusturica. But it rarely sees the world-class hard enduro riders who got the opportunity to start the race from this idyllic place. But the rest of the race turned into a thriller, leaving riders on a super low energy level at the end of the day. Yet, the rally was not over. On the 3rd off-road day, riders had around 75km of riding through Zlatibor mountain. The last day was a bit easier than the previous two, and it also took riders through some beautiful landscapes where they could enjoy riding in full gas. David Cyprian  has  once again demonstrated  to be very competitive at world level during the three days of competition,  also thanks to his progressive recovery after the serious injury suffered, finishing in 7th place overall: an extraordinary result for him, which makes us very  proud.

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