10 August 2022



For many, the bike is a way of being, a lifestyle. Many cannot do without living such an intense passion, a passion that you often get in adolescence and with which you share the rest of life. The bike can give you strong emotions, the bike means freedom, freedom to live unique experiences. Once you become part of the world of two wheels it is difficult to leave it, as lifestyle it becomes a style of thinking and approach to life itself, giving it up would mean losing pieces of yourself and many new experiences to live. A lifestyle that is often formed in the family context, the passion handed down from father to son, so much can depend on the environment in which each individual grows, but not only; regardless of everything it is often said that children, even before speaking, say brum, brum…… the lifestyle is formed in the course of childhood. The lifestyle as the sharing of the same tastes and passions, Brema have always thought that the bike is also a way of being and we like to think that this is precisely the mechanism that triggers inside those who decide to buy our products. A sense of belonging that allows you to be recognized even when you are not riding your motorbike, we like to think it of Brema.

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