19 May 2015



A week after the Spanish Grand Prix, the Enduro World Championship circus moved to Gouveia, Portugal, for the third round EWC 2015. In the Friday night Super Test clocked the fastest time our Albergoni, who preceded the Spaniard Santolino while points leader Nambotin has passed very delayed due to a fall. Saturday, the rider of the team KE Motorace was confirmed in the leading group, remaining on the podium for more than half a day and disputing some of the best race of the season so far. Some imperfection in the third round and the “return” of Nambotin have eventually forced to “settle” for fourth place, only 2 ” from the podium after an hour and 19 minutes of special! The victory went to the Finnish Remes, second place to the reigning Nambotin third Santolino. Even at the start of race 2 Albergoni held a good pace but unfortunately it is soon realized that he had spent a lot of energy for the run-up to the podium the day before, suffering the fatigue that forced him not to force too.

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