Gino Baudino was founded in 1956 in Turin where has its headquarters in the ancient district of Crocetta. It’s a family business where owners and employees, the same for years, creating long-lasting relationships with customers before the loyalty cards arriving.Thanks to textiles knowledge accumulated by decades of experience, Gino Baudino specializes in selling outerwear notoriously difficult to sell compared to polos and shirts.Store aims to concreteness, focusing on the content without formalism, although the top brands presence. According to the strategies and subalpine style there aren’t neither luxurious furnishings nor 12cm high-heeled saleswomen but people who love and know their job without boasting.To better meet an individual customer’s needs and preferences the store has a tailoring and repair services. The service continues after the sale especially for those who arrive or order away from Turin and want to maintain a relationship with the store thanks to referees always present and a definite place of business. Opening time is different from typical working hours because sales start too early, and on Sunday the shop is almost always closed for culture and beliefs and also to respect to their employees and families.

Tel. 011 591304 –

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