Opened in 2008 in the center of Mantova, Petronio Sartoria Man is characterized by the taste and the refined style, evoking the famous Roman writer, author of the Satyricon also known as “arbiter elegantiae” or “arbiter elegantiarum” (arbiter of elegance). The philosophy of the store focuses on promotion of Made in Italy and to the preservation of the tradition of manufacturing high quality, favoring brands that have managed to combine the focus on sustainability with creativity and innovation. Original garments, fabrics and yarns, attention to detail. In a design environment and and atmospheric, Petronio offers many opportunities of choice for different needs, from classic to easy formal, from the ceremony to sportswear and a large complement of accessories (shoes, scarves, hats, belts , bags, underwear, perfume). Recently it has added a space woman with proposals that reflect the Petronio’s style: down jackets, jackets, knitwear, T-shirts, scarves, handbags, unique patterns, creative and restrained elegance.

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