13 October 2023



Some Brema garments were selected by stylist Giorgio Branduardi to complete the  styling for the new SS ’23 Luxory Footwear Adv. Campaign, of the Swiss brand Inuikii. Specifically, the Silver Vase ADV-Sport jacket, Orange and the Trofeo Pants were chosen for shots that well represent the ever-growing contamination between fashion and sport. Brema decided to collaborate with Inuikii because of the values that both brands share and to confirm its dual identity: performance and life-style, as there is no fashion without sport (and vice versa). But why are the two worlds so connected? Today more than ever, they intersect through everyday clothing; moreover, fashion and sport have happily coexisted for much longer than we expect and their relationship is less superficial than it might appear: one serves and complements the other and both have to do with our lifestyle and habits. Simple, practical and contemporary, Brema garments are increasingly influencing not only the motorsport world, but even that of everyday clothing.

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