VALLI XR-J MAN – Red, Navy

•The jacket is made of 100% PL Cordura® •The Cordura® fabric is paired with an elastic ripstop on the front and sleeve bottom, guaranteeing comfort and better fit •The garment has detachable sleeves, 4 air intake 2 of which on the arms and the other 2 on the chest, to optimize ventilation. 4 pockets on the front and 1 on the back •Inside the jacket there are 2 pockets on the right side to store objects, 1 is 100% waterproof, and 2 pockets of different sizes for the Camel Bag. These 2 pockets have an anchoring system that improve stability and distributes the weight properly when the camel bag is full of liquids; on the front there are exit slots for the two water bag tubes.

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