10 July 2017




The GP of Hungary scored the boa round of the Enduro World Championship weblog 2017 and the small town of Paradfurdo hosted the event. Our two riders, Ruy Barbosa, Youth rider and Matteo Bresolin, rider in the Junior Class, started the race weekend fast and during the SuperTest they got two very good results with the Chilean rider third and Matteo fourth. Even in Day One, our two riders have amazed, Ruy Barbosa struggled with all his strength to win his first day of racing at the World Enduro Championships, while Matteo Bresolin has surprised everyone for his speed since the first special tests. In the middle of the race the situation was as follows: Ruy first in Youth and Matteo third in Junior. In the final of the race, however, our two riders made a mistake too much and they are relegated of a position for Ruy Barsosa, second in the Youth, while Matteo Bresolin unfortunately has relegated many positions also accomplice the tiredness, let’s remember that the Italian rider is coming off a bad and long injury that kept him out throughout the first part of the season. The Day 2 saw Ruy Barbosa once again struggling for the first place but in the final when our Chilean rider tried to give the winning claw, a trivial mistake in the Enduro Test was fatal. Ruy lost so about twenty seconds and saw all the efforts to hold on to second place, getting a bitter third place. A constant race for Matteo Bresolin, our rider saw the sixth place blow to the last special test but the goal of getting into the Top Ten has been widely gained. The Jolly Racing Team has already leave and the destination is the Greek village of Grevena where this weekend will take place the fifth round of the enduro world Championship.

“Yesterday I started flat but I found immediatly a good feeling and I started to push hard. Too bad for the podium thrown in the air, I made two mistakes in the last specials and from the podium went down until the sixth position. Today, however, tiredness has been felt, I started looking for a steady pace throughout the race and in the end came a seventh place. ”

“In Day One I started very fast, I was very confident with the bike and with the specials and in the middle of the race I was occupying the first position. Then I made a mistake in the end test losing about ten seconds and finally came second. Also in
Day 2 a mistake at the last special test has compromised the race and from the second place I have fell on the third stage of the podium.”

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