21 September 2020



A weekend full of satisfactions for the Fantic Jet Racing riders. In France, on the occasion of the first world round, Harry Edmondson picked up he third step of the podium in the Youth while in Italy, on the occasion of the second stage of the Italian Under23 and Senior Championship, Igor Brunengo and Riccardo Fabris defended the positions in the championship. Over the past weekend, Fantic Jet Racing split into two teams, the first moved to Requista in France, for the premier of the enduro world championship, fielding the English rider and son of art Harry Edmondson. A second team headed for Bergamo, more precisely to Antegnate, for the second race of the Italian Under23 Championship with the riders Igor Brunengo and Riccardo Fabris. Fantic Jet Racing celebrated Harry Edmondson’s first world podium on Saturday, highlighting qualities such as stubbornness and determination. The British rider fought with all his strength to reach, in his first world experience the third place in the hard-fought Youth class with his Fantic XE 125.In the following day Harry Edmondson fails to repeat himself for only a handful of seconds. Accomplices probably a little too much pressure and emotion, the final score, that fits a little tight, is a fourth place. One day of competition instead for the second round of the Italian Under23 and Senior Championship which took place in Antegnate in the province of Bergamo. Igor Brunengo started despite a serious knee injury to defend his leadership in the Junior 125 class. At the end of the day the final score is an excellent second place which keeps him at the top of the provisional classification of the Junior 125 Championship. Less fortunate race instead for his teammate Riccardo Fabris who was unable to go beyond a fourth place in the Cadet class 125 delayed by a disastrous fall in the first special test that relegated him to the last position. Next race of the Enduro World Championship is scheduled on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 September for the Italian GP in Spoleto in which, in addition to Harry Edmondson, the rookie Riccardo Fabris will participate while Brunengo will try to recover to defend his position in the national Championship.

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