7 October 2019



Amazing final round of the Enduro Italian Championships in Gaggio Montano, near Bologna. The race was perfectly organized by Moto Club Alta Valle Reno on a route of 50 km to repeat four times on Saturday and three on Sundays with three different special tests. The Enduro Test was 7 km long on a mixed ground with stones, sand, roots and grass. The Extreme Test was about 1.4 km and the Cross Test of 4 km close to the Paddock. On Saturday Redondi raced very good getting the second position of 450 4T class: he won five special tests finishing five times second and once third. Good the final result in the Overall too, with the eighth position and three best times two third. It’s a shame that a fall in the Enduro Test and in the Extreme Test prevented him from aiming to the top five. Amazing performance on Sunday with the second overall position 19’’36 behind the winner Freeman and the first position in his class. Joe Wootton finished fourth overall on Saturday, while fifth on Sunday, getting twice the second position in the foreigners’ standing. Very good race for Ruy Barbosa with the fourth overall position on Saturday and the eighth on Sunday, while he finished third and fourth in the foreigners’ standings.

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