13 January 2017



Stefan Svitko second stage placed just 24 sec. the winner, Barreda, after almost 6 hours of racing !!! The bad weather that affected the previous two days of competition, with stops and route sections canceled, are now behind us and the 10th stage of the Dakar Rally has been real competition; in the regions of La Rioja and San Juan for Svitko came the great satisfaction of the 2nd place just 24 sec. behind the winner. The stage was particularly hard for the temperatures that reached 50 degrees also riding the bike, so one of the stages more difficult physically and, to make matters worse, even the navigation was complicated. Stefan Svitko, our standard-bearer, has completed a good day of race, always among the first, sometimes occupying the first position, at the end of the day won a well deserved 2nd place stage, proving that when it all takes place on a regular basis, it is one of the best drivers in the Dakar.Now Svitko, after several misadventures in the days withdrawing, not least the time penalty that has been imposed for having refueled in areas where it was not allowed, which affected virtually its Dakar 2017, entered the Top Ten and it occupies the tenth place in the overall standings. Today penultimate stage with about 300 km of special and a total test, including transfers, of 759 km.

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