29 June 2015



It’s been a long wait! But after more than three months the Enduro Italian Championship gets back with the fourth round, raced on Sunday in Fabbrica Curone, near Alessandria. After three months of silence, in which Team Honda- -Zanardo riders faced the World Grand Prix in Chile, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy, Alex Salvini and Alessandro Battig gave show and emotions. Salvini was great ruler of E2, with the fastest time in eleven of the twelve special tests, while Alessandro Battig conquered the third success of the season in E1 and now is the leader. Salvini was the protagonist of the challenge for the overall victory too, lost only because of a fall during the third lap of the line test, suffering contusions and a large hematoma on his right shoulder.  Alessandro Battig conquer the first position in E1 class at the end of an exciting battle with Manzi, Martini, Micheluz, Albergoni and Moroni. Battig always finishing in the “top five” and getting twice the first position and three times the second and the third best time. The race was on a track of 45 km to repeat four times with three different special tests: a line test in the undergrowth between roots and rocks, a cross test and an extreme test always in the undergrowth with deep and narrow gouges.

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