8 March 2016



This last weekend the Team Jolly Zanardo moved to Pietra Montecorvino (FG) to take the start on the third and fourth rounds of the Assoluti d’Italia di Enduro. After the interlude of Lignano where the riders have raced a unusual race, in Puglia we have returned to talk about true enduro with three special test that have given many headaches to the riders participating. The leitmotiv of this race, in terms of difficulty, was clear to everyone since from the first Extreme test with slippery trunks and some uphill passages difficult to deal for the mud. Although the line has not been from less, with an driving time of about eleven minutes and an extremely complicated and challenging course. Last, but not for the degree of difficulty, the cross tet also in this case very fast and with different technicalities. After a binding first day our riders have highlighted in the day of Sunday and the best was been Mirko Gritti in E3 has come fourth in a few seconds by the second and the third arrived. Even Michele Marchelli highlighted his speed and determination and at the end of the day of competition brought under the awning of the Team Jolly Zanardo a good fifth place.
“A challenging race of true enduro. After a first day of competition dotted from too many errors I have managed to be
competitive in the next day and fight for the podium. ”
“I am happy because I am aware that we are working on the right direction and the results are seen on Sunday. Now I will
work hard to do well at the first of the World Enduro Championship.

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