18 January 2016



January 14th, 2016: Alessandro Botturi had to say goodbye to the Dakar 2016. Reached by telephone Alessandro said: “No, it was not a lucky Dakar. Immediately on the first day I fell so trivially, causing a micro fracture, with a dislocated wrist . Still it hurts me and I saw stars during the race. Then today, after several misadventures suffered in the days before, I had some mechanical problems, I had some spareparts with me and I changed the stator, the motorbike is restarted and it seemed all resolved, but then further  troubles, solved this time with the help of a component of my Team.  I had still ninety kilometers, I was near the finish line and again a break, with the motorbike  definitely stopped without any intention of starting;  unfortunately at this point I had to say goodbye to Dakar. It was not the lucky year. And in spite of everything, at the end of the half marathon I was moved up to eleventh place overall. So sorry? ….. I’m so sorry. I really wanted to get to the finish. I was suffering like a beast, my wrist was terrible, but I wanted to get to the finish and I gritted my teeth, but it was not enough. “

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