12 June 2015



Salvini in this “two days” has relentlessly attacked his two opponents Antoine Meo and ‘Pela “Renet. He drove to the limit his Honda CRF 450R-RedMoto Enduro. From the earliest stages Alex was aggressive, precise driving, driven by the desire to compete. He won a trial ending all remained always in second or third position. His worst results have been three fourth places and two fifth. These placements should have probably unnerved Salvini, on Saturday he could have concluded in second position, if not avsse stalled the engine and thus losing those eight / nine seconds, which cost him a chance to precede Meo. Sunday Salvini also fought to the end for the victory, but in the end had to settle for third place due to a new two falls in line. Good race also for Alessandro Battig, fourth and getting very close to the third step of the podium. Result on Saturday has missed only 3 “59.


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