21 September 2020



A marvellous victory obtained with strength of character, richly deserved, wished, desired. A perfect, clear and flawless triumph for Fantic D’Arpa Racing Team, through the young English Jed Liam Etchells, on Sunday on first place in Youth class in the Grand Prix of France, the opening race of World EnduroGP Championship 2020, disputed last weekend in Requista, in the south of the Country. After the very good race on Saturday, ended on fourth position, just few seconds from the podium because of a fall and a time loss in a special race, behind a lower rival who left no room for any passing, Etchells on Sunday obtained an extraordinary victory. It is enough to highlight that he scored 11 times the best class time, 1 second, 5 third in the 19 special races disputed. A clear sign of the big performances of the new Fantic XE 125 2T. Two richly deserved fifth positions for the other young standard-bearer of Fantic D’Arpa Racing Team, the Finn Hugo Svard: always among the best riders of Youth class, he ended all special races in the seven first positions. Next agonistic meeting for Fantic D’Arpa Racing Team is planned from September 25th to September 27th in Spoleto, with the GP of Italy.

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