28 September 2020



With the French GP filed away, Fantic Jet Racing immediately moved to Spoleto where the second round of the enduro world championship took place last weekend. The three special tests of the Italian GP, all located in the same area and reachable on foot, were quite spectacular and selective. Spectacular and full of public the path of this second world test with a particularly treacherous Enduro Test lasting ten minutes, an extremely fast Cross Test with counter-slopes and an Extreme, equal to the world edition of 2017 and easily visible for the numerous audience of enthusiasts who flocked to Spoleto. In Spoleto, Fantic Jet Racing presented itself with the son of art Harry Edmondson and the Italian rider Riccardo Fabris. On Day One Harry Edmondson tried in every possible way to get on the lowest step of the podium. The fight for the top positions was very exciting and only at the end of the day Harry Edmondson raised the white flag and had to settle for fifth position. The English rider achieved several good times in all the special tests but he lacked consistency. On the second day following Harry Edmondson ran an incredible race. Starting immediately on the right foot, Paul Edmondson’s son also fought for the top positions. Too bad for the mistake in the last extreme special test which compromised the outcome of the race. Despite this mistake, Harry Edomndson conquered the third step of the podium for the second time. Our Veneto-based rider Riccardo Fabris enters the Top Ten of the Youth class. The Fantic rider collected excellent times in the most complicated and selective special test, the Extreme Test. On the following day Riccardo Fabris was unable to be as incisive as on the opening day. Fantic Jet Racing will not stop yet, the next appointment is scheduled for this weekend in Darfo Boario Terme in the province of Brescia for the Enduro Absolutes of Italy.

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